October 29th, 2008
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ten minutes

working on a new book in ten minute segments. stealing bits of time at every turn.
reading Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy, by Stephen Duncombe, which is a lot more of an exciting read than it sounds (but then I am a book nerd). As an artist I am excited by his thinking on implementing the imagination and the usefulness of thinking about impossibility. In an interesting lecture (which i will ink when i find it again) he says, “What we desperately need is the art of the impossible.”
it’s got my brain going off in a number of new directions.
strange connection: I found out that Stephen Duncombe is the husband of writer Jean Railla who many years ago published some of my work on the site Get Crafty (she has a book of the same title). She was one of the first to take a chance on my “ideas” (as opposed to just my illos), and was always wonderfully encouraging. That site was taken over by other people and is now called SuperNaturale, (correct me if I am wrong on this).
also, a really sweet review at Pikaland, thanks amy! (includes some not yet seen interior shots).

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