February 25th, 2004
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tea, beckett and dante

tea has brought me back to life this morning.
there is a ‘perfect’ temperature for tea, where you can take a gulp and not get burned, yet it warms your whole body right down to the ends of your fingers and toes. I have it right now. though it only lasts a short time. fleeting, a span of minutes. you cannot leave your cup in order for this to occur, if you get up to do the dishes, start reading a book, or answer the phone you will miss it. you must sit with it, without blowing, and be present. Wait. Only then will the ‘perfect’ temperature present itself to you.
I love when I can drink a whole cup this way.
Samuel Beckett made my stomach hurt yesterday.
So apparently Becket was notorious for having few possessions in his apartment and shunning the outside world.
“All I want to do,” he said once early in his career, “is sit on my ass and fart and think of Dante.”

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