April 19th, 2004
tape anyone?

Just can’t seem to get started today. It’s already 2:30 and I have yet to even make a mark on a page, (though I did manage to make a lovely doodle on my desk while on the phone earlier). I hope my editor is not reading this right now. Don’t worry m’dear, once I get moving it will all get done. I hope. I often wonder how much I would actually accomplish if I held myself to some kind of schedule. Somehow I think the procrastination has a way of motivating me, there is always a little rush that accompanies it, (I know I could be working, and that at some point I will, but first I must make some tea. Yes. Tea first. Then work.) And maybe while making tea I will notice that my plants need watering, and while I am on the way to the watering can I spot my favourite stones laid out on the bureau. I like to pick them up and remember the day that I collected them on a windy beach, watching the tide roll in. The kettle boils. Back to the tea. The phone rings. I hang up and wander outside to feel the wind on my face just for a moment. I spot the tips of my irises poking out of the ground and go over to say hello. I start pulling leaves out of the garden, a couple of weeds, then rub the mint and lavender. Sniff, sniff, god that smells good. Oh yes, work. Must focus. On the way up to my studio I realize that I have to pee. In the bathroom I notice my reflection in the mirror and decide that I must try to at least pull a comb through this mop of hair, just in case someone decides to pop in for tea. Why not pluck the eyebrows while I am there? done. Oh yes, grab my tea. Sit down at the drafting table. Take the packing tape and wrap it around both my leg and the leg of the table. Twelve wraps should hold me for now.
Maybe editors should send authors lots of duct tape. I think I have mentioned before that Douglas Adam’s editor actually locked him in a hotel room for a week. I understand this completely.
o.k. now I am ready. maybe just one quick blog entry…

Apr 19 2004
3:36 pm
Keri Smith writes:

so whataddya saying?
and why am i reading a site about a guy who makes paintings of blonde girls out of chewed gum?

Apr 19 2004
3:49 pm
Keri Smith writes:

I use many different things. This one was a rotring art pen with gouache. Sometimes watercolor, or pentel pens (not waterproof). The thicker linework is done with a brush (#4) and ink, i am addicted to Dr. Martins ink, both matte and high carb. I like it BLACK!!! I was introduced to it by my friend Kathryn ( http://www.kathrynadams.com/ ) who always buys out the store when she sees it. I would like to purchase stock in the company at some point.
any other questions. come on. anything you want to know.

Apr 19 2004
3:59 pm
Keri Smith writes:

things you can do while taped to your desk -a list
eat licorice
chair dancing
drink tea
spin pens
doodle in the journal
spit paper balls at the window to see if they stick
glue peeling (on hands)
write ‘i don’t feel like working’ over and over
sing songs
smell paints
draw temporary tattoos
stare out the window
watch Charlie go into the legion (must be 3:30 pm)
practice your autograph
trace your fingers
pretend you are working
count the raindrops on the window
wish you were outside
play with your finger puppets
make a mini puppet theatre for your puppets
put on a show
make mini tickets for the show

Apr 21 2004
12:16 pm
Keri Smith writes:

Yes, the drawing of Charlie was done with a brush and ink, then scanned. I have not yet found a way to replicate the brush lines in Photoshop or illustrator. It has to do with applying ‘weight’ to the brush, leaning on it for variation in the line. It also requires the tip of the brush to have a good point. I am the one in the art supply store who must always stick the tip of the brush in my mouth before I will purchase it. It’s the only way to know for sure. Just call me the “brush licker”.
Does anyone else do this?

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