September 8th, 2009
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talk radio

Radio interviews are in full swing, (last week and this week). I admit I have not been great about mentioning them ahead of time. So here are a few coming up:
I spoke to “WBFJ Morning Show” in Winston Salem N.C. this morning, (to be aired sometime soon).
Tomorrow at 11:05 ET, KWNA, “Statewide Nevada”.
Thursday at 10 am, ET 106.7 YOU-FM, Traverse City, MI. (airs on friday)
This thursday I will also be doing an interview with Jennifer Louden (I love talking with Jen, she’s like an old friend who you haven’t spoken with for a while and everything pours out at once). She has a subscription based workshop called “the Comfort Cafe and Life Spa” (which I feel like I could use right about now, anything spa-like sounds REALLY GOOD), which includes a podcast. I am told that a bit of our conversation will be posted on her blog as well.
I’ll keep you posted on more.
I am learning that trying to describe “this is not a book” proves to be a bit challenging and that occasionally I come across people who don’t get it at all. This is a really good thing and to be honest it excites me greatly. I think I have succeeded in creating something curious and slightly cryptic (for unique “readers”), which is what I aim to do. I must feel a bit like Bruno Munari did when he decided that he would no longer write for adults because they are not in the habit of using their imagination on a regular basis. But then I think, “adults are the ones who need it the most!” Children have no fear of going to strange places. I have a new two year old friend whose mind is a constant stream of fantastical made-up stories with a full cast of characters and plot lines. I want to collect it all somehow.
Let us release ourselves from the grip of the logical mind for a time.
“Curiouser and curiouser!” -Alice

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