September 21st, 2012
take to the trees

image from The Wonders of Weston

Oct 1 2012
6:04 pm
aisling writes:

i loooove this! i am a nature-finatic, and living with a woods behind my house, have learned to *speak* to the trees, *through* the trees, and *with* and *by* the trees. ever read ” things trees know” by douglas wood, it is a small 10 page book, with a sentance and drawing/sketch on each page…BEST, TRUEST, MOST HELPFUL BOOK EVER! tree spirits….

Oct 8 2012
12:45 pm
Rebecca Bowen writes:

This is really inspiring! Finish this book got my brother off the video games and out in the woods! We now are part of the secret gang of the nature protectors -copyright :P that’s our name- Thank you :)

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