May 3rd, 2004
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swim with the fishes

and so…
New discovery #247 -the dark red matte paint I used in the kitchen not only makes the kitchen cozy feeling but also doubles as a chalk board! Once I began it was nearly impossible to stop, there are words and drawings everywhere. Where I sit down to have my morning tea it says, “You look really good today!” The tea cupboard it proclaims, “While there is still tea, there is hope.” I like a room that speaks to me.
New Discovery #248 -the people who invented cell phones have made it possible to do everything one could every want with them, games, calculator, text messaging, email, web surfing. Now if only I could figure out how to retrieve my calls? Here’s an idea, how about a phone whose sole purpose was to talk to friends and loved ones? One button for on/off. Also, could they make them a little bigger so that I don’t feeling like I am talking to myself?
I nearly jumped off my seat today, having accidentally put the thing into vibrate mode. I thought I was being attacked by a large bug. Why are we drawn to things in our culture that seem to put us on edge? How about instead we create a variety of new technologies that are soothing? Maybe a phone that is soft, like a pillow, instead of ringing it would start floating out in front of you, you have to catch it, when you weren’t using it you could take a little nap. Or maybe a phone that whispers in your ear really nice things when it rings, like an attentive lover. Or how about a phone that is also a travel mug so that when it rings you must sit and pour a cup of tea first? Ooooh, a phone that was made out of silly putty so you could have fun smooshing it while talking. I would go for that one in a minute. That brings me to…
Buried Memory #682 -I used to chew silly putty. (remember using it to pull off comic cells? Sadly this is no longer possible because of changes in the printing process.)
New Discovery #249 -You must seek to love with the same intensity as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.
New Discovery #250 -the plural for fish in some cases is fishes.
New Discovery #251 -It IS possible to consume too many Haribo Rotella’s.
New Discovery #252 -it is o.k. that mother’s day makes me sad every year.
New Discovery #253 -heavy feels are just a part of the process.
reading Henry Miller and going to dance class usually helps.
New Discovery #254 -if I don’t draw or write something every day I get very cranky. Or is that just pms?

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