September 29th, 2004
stripey ones

I know what the solution is.
The ritual that gets me into the work. It is surreptitious and sneaky, tricking me into liking it. Tricking me into coming up with ideas when I think there are none. Weighed down by the procrastination. If I just start doodling, then I am done. Time passes, I look up, rub my eyes and realize that the work is finished. All of the things that weighed me, the blank page, the insecurities, the crap, disappeared. And I feel great, and powerful, and light.
god i love to draw.
little moments (good things this week)…
…riding double on my bike, (one person steering the other pedalling), laughing loudly, feeling out of control but kind of liking it.
…tea time in the woods, chai with ginger cookies.
…lying on my back watching the tops of the trees, and a white feather floating for an hour.
…taking time to write in my journal again.
…wearing mitts for the first time this season (i got new stripey ones).
…clearing more clutter.
…missing my sister Jen (sometimes missing a person is good for the heart).
…collecting leaves to scan.
…new books.
…fun jobs with cool companies.

Sep 29 2004
2:28 pm
Keri Smith writes:

now THAT was a good one!
did you know that I am a newfie?

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