March 24th, 2008
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stolen minutes: random thoughts

must write quickly. time is shorter these days.
spring is sneaking it’s way into the days.
life is smoothing out as we edge toward the six week mark. I am very in love with my little man.
enjoying quiet family time. lots of napping and tea.
had a nap yesterday and couldn’t wake up from it. it was the strangest feeling. have you ever had this sensation? as if a dream has taken over your waking life.
ironically (or not) my new book deals with making art out of the smallest bits of time, stealing moments from your day to wake up and pay attention. this is how I am living currently. stopping to notice the “movies” the sun makes for me on the bedroom wall. stopping to notice the “crack drawings” on the pavement in front of the house. trying to describe the smell of the earth as it melts.
in other news, I am a speaker this year at ICON 5 the illustration conference, in New York City, July 2-5. I will be in conversation with Julia Breckenreid and Robert Zimmerman (two illustrators I have long admired). In the talk, entitled “Come Together: Network Pioneers”, we will be speaking about creating community, in part why this is challenging for illustrators. I have a lot to say (read: confess) on this topic.

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