November 19th, 2004
some days

A little grumpy today. In part due to the chewing noinses made by the mice in the walls that woke me up last night. What are they building in there? Also due to the fact that I tend to take on a little too much when I start a new project, and get easily overwhelmed by all the things that need to get done for it.
I am having difficulty deciding if i should a) clean my house, b) go for a walk, or c) work more on the book. I think I am trying to do them all at once, and end up starting nothing.
And so I do a blog post instead.
Feeling like I don’t have anything interesting to write today.
Some days are like that.
Some days you feel like being immersed in the centre of a large group of people, engaging them, spurring them on with your stories. Some days you just want to sit in the corner, be in your own little world and not utter the smallest of noises.
Some days you want to be loud, wear red, noisy jewelery dangling from your wrists, enter a room loudly. Some days you want to walk quietly by youself, blending into the surroundings, feeling like a part of the larger picture.
Some days you are so completely daring, you want to eat everything up, read every book, jump off high cliffs, try all those things you’ve never done. Some days you want to eat cereal and watch oprah.
Some days you put on the Beastie Boys and dance wildly. Some days you only want to hear cello, and sip tea.
Some days you do a series of ten paintings and feel like the greatest artist in the history of the universe. Some days you do one and decide want to look into a new career.
Some days you spend in gut wrenching, belly holding, tear enducing laughter.
Some days it is o.k. to be quiet.

Nov 19 2004
2:27 pm
Anonymous writes:

And sometimes it’s nice to wake up in the morning, throw on your bathrobe (instead of a great little dress) and plop in front of the computer (instead of heading out to the library and coffee shop) and realize that someone out there feels exactly the same way as you do… mice and all!
Thanks Keri. Knowing someone else was grumpy in the same way this morning makes things feel ok. Now I’m off to see if I can prevent the mice from chewing right through our hardwood floors…

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