January 1st, 2008
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snow and spaces

snow day. new year.
wet dog snoozing. running through the deep snow wore him out this morning.
work begins again. I become more motivated as the snow falls. being snowed in is best for me. i live to hunker down. to be buried under a blanket.
to break up my day with hot tea and the occasional treat. what kind of tea for today? green i think. the color suits my mood.
today I can’t decide where I would like to work most. which room suits my mood. i think the room influences how the work that comes out. things that are created in bed often feel more playful. but other times I like to spread all my books out around me on the floor.
if I choose the studio I will need to turn the heater on first. it’s really chilly because it is on the back of the house and has three outside walls, (days like this I miss my woodstove in canada.) I like to look out onto the backyard while I work and watch the snow and the squirrels. but it’s difficult to work on the floor right now with my big belly.
I know of a famous author who wrote all of his books while lying down, but I can’t think of who it is right now. maybe that would be best for today. I can spread some of my books out on the bed and watch the snow.
what books for today? some eva hesse, a touch of perec, munari is manditory, with a bit of buckminster fuller and alan fletcher thrown in. that should do it.
time to start. time to start.
maybe a treat and some tea first.
yes. that would do nicely.

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