May 31st, 2009
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i feel too busy, yet not productive. some days it feels like I can never get anything done, (should I say some months?)
my little man is not sleeping soundly at night and so I am very tired on top of it. walk around in a daze.
I did get out for a walk in the woods yesterday, alone. it felt really good. i must take the time to do it more. i can feel the well filling up slowly again, it’s felt a bit empty lately. I never worry about it too much when that happens. it’s just part of the process. I just wait for the excitement to come back and it always does. a project idea comes in and then I am unstoppable.
been cooking a lot. I like the Candle Cafe Cookbook. today for lunch, kale and red pepper slaw with tofu, which we make all the time. we’ve been having a lot of different salads, made with everything you can think of. my goal is to make salads out of every kind of vegetable.
so good.
the baby wakes.
p.s. have a gander at THIS mini trailer home (though not very portable).

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