April 6th, 2004
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A while back I got the idea that I wanted to do a set of cards based on real-life characters. Meet Charlie and Lola, garbage man by day, legion goers by night. Ok so Lola is not based on a real person, more a combination of people I have seen. But Charlie is actually my real life garbage man, a man of many talents. He drives around in a shiny red truck, with white type that reads “Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund.” Charlie does this really cool trick, the first time I saw it I stood transfixed. He flips his false teeth out completely, and then flips them back in, the whole thing taking mere seconds. I pointed it out to friends one day at a local auction, (“Watch, watch, he’s doing it again.” flip, flip. One smooth motion. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.) On any given week, after about three pm you will see Charlie’s truck parked outside the legion for an hour or so. These are the little things you get used to and come to expect in a small town. Like the two finger wave, hands on the steering wheel. The short ‘hello’ honk. Unchanging. Reliable. Comforting.
Two years after I moved here I went to visit the city for supplies. Being in the country I had already developed the automatic reaction of waving when people honked, (that and saying hello to everone on the street.) I felt like I was waving ALL day. Yes, I was. “how ya doing”, “hey”, “howdy”

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