June 16th, 2004

A while back Robot Johnny did a post called “Do the Shuffle”, where you turn on Itunes and list the first 15 songs it plays regardless of how embarrassing it is. I must say that the shuffle feature has really made my experience of listening to music a beautiful thing. For several reasons, 1) i love to guess who the artist is in the first few seconds (it is challenging at times), 2) I hear songs that i haven’t heard for years and fall in love with them again, 3) every day is something new 4) sometimes the universe knows better what you should listen to.
So I haven’t had the courage to do this before (due to a slight addiction to old showtunes), but here we go…
1. Cry Cry Cry, Martin Sexton
2. I’m only happy when it rains, Garbage
3. Rain and Snow, Be Good Tanya’s
4. Do you Realize?, the Flaming Lips
5. Ripcord, Radiohead
6. By my Side, Ben Harper
7. Always have to steal my kisses, Ben Harper
8. Reconstruction Site, the Weakerthans
9. Planet Telex, Radiohead
10. Good Fortune, PJ Harvey
11. Here Comes Your Man, the Pixies
12. Sega, Ry Cooder & Ali Farka Toure
13. Set the Ray to Jerry, Smashing Pumkins
14. Mockingbirds, Grant Lee Buffalo
15. Kamera, Wilco
(number 16 was “a change is gonna come” by Sam Cooke, drastically different than the rest)
Does anyone else notice that your itunes seems to have a preference for certain bands, (for me Radiohead and PJ Harvey)?
That was more fun and much less embarrasing than expected. We surprisingly avoided the sound of music soundtrack, michael jackson and perry como.

Jun 16 2004
2:31 pm
Keri Smith writes:

O.k. I’m coming out of the closet now.
I love Neil Diamond.
there, i’ve said it.

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