May 2nd, 2006
short stories

stories of warm weather and after dinner walks. of massive rose blooms in every corner of this town, I have never seen so many blossoms in one place. everywhere the air is scented with jasmine. the streets have come alive with spring and bodies that have been indoors for too long. the warm air invites them out for dinners on patios, wine and conversation. laughter over the din of cell phone ring tones.
overhead there are cries of white owls, heard but not seen. except.. for an occasional glimse once the sun has set. owl spotters have good eyes. mine are not so good. i scan the treetops anxiously. hoping to spot one of these incredible animals. their secrecy makes a sighting more of a gift.
there is the story of new book deals in the works. of negotiations and papers floating about my room in a flurry. papers with complicated wording and numbers. the opposite of creativity. all business. the details are secret. for now. are you curious?
there are travels across mexico with the whisky priest and Graham Greene. white knuckled scenes. waiting to be found out, fighting with a dog for food, searching for red wine, praying. the intense heat one of the main characters, (appropriate reading for this part of the world, today it will be 90). i think he is one of the greatest story tellers who ever lived.
will my memories of california be marked by the books I have read here?
there is the story of having too many big decisions to make in one week. of new directions and not knowing which are the right ones. I spose i should take the word ‘right’ out of that last sentence. i ask the universe for a big noticable sign but see none. i guess it is left up to me to decide. us. back and forth, back and forth.
back and forth.
(*this image was created in my local bank. they have a stamp pad for finger printing, a kind of invisible ink that doesn’t stain your fingers. so i use it to my advantage every time I go in. ed emberley would love it.)

May 2 2006
1:36 pm
vegasandvenice writes:

love your secret bank art!

May 2 2006
1:42 pm
Srah Pezdek-Smith writes:

I love your fingerprint image :)

May 2 2006
1:53 pm
ani writes:

Graham Greene is a favorite of mine too.
i hope the flurry of paper-pushing, businessy stuff settles for you soon. and yes, i am CURIOUS!
breath in the jasmine for me…we’re a few weeks behind you across the Sierras.

May 2 2006
1:56 pm
patricia writes:

Ditto Graham Greene.
And yes, very curious. Can’t wait for the news.
Love the fingerprint drawing. Very clever!

May 2 2006
2:10 pm
Andrea writes:

What a cute little pair! Very beautiful description of the season, too. Can’t wait to hear the news!

May 2 2006
3:59 pm
Meenu writes:

dear Keri!
my neighborhood in Houston has also been fragrant with flowers. I have taken sunsetting walks with my little chihuahua under one arm like a little furry football amazed at the perfumed air. I am so happy you wrote this as I was wondering if anyone is also experiencing this in their neighborhoods. it must be the flowery perfumed time of year. I will make note of it for next year!
much love!

May 2 2006
4:30 pm
olga writes:

Dear Keri
I went to my country house this weekend and found book by you which i had for quite long time now but forgot to reread it! Now I am busy rediscovering it again and again )) such a pleasure! whatever you decision, i hope you “cook” one more book for us over there! cheers

May 2 2006
6:27 pm
kathy writes:

What an image I’ve got in my mind from your post! My memories of a place are always tied up with the books I was reading at the time. And when I listen to audio books, they are linked to the actions and the place, even the smells are associated with the story! Can’t wait for the news!

May 2 2006
6:49 pm
Martine writes:

Dear Kerry, learn from the owl, the right way is allways the way of your heart,
Love Martine

May 2 2006
7:00 pm
Leonie writes:

for your incubation
and your birthing!

May 3 2006
2:00 am
Cam writes:

I am very curious. And excited. Aout your new book, I mean. :) And of course about every entry that you post here.

May 3 2006
3:24 am
samantha writes:

sometimes I think the signs are there but we don’t recognise them… love the drawing.

May 3 2006
7:15 am
Katrin writes:

I am very curious… Loved the way you descriped everything, always opens my eyes a little more… Thanx… and greetings from Berlin (were spring is finally coming and the city lost some of it’s greys, greens everywere now…) Katrin

May 3 2006
6:03 pm
waverly writes:

hi there.
i love your posts. i work at a bank…and you’re giving me new ideas! i moved to austin to become an artist. so it’s nice hearing about an artist like you and your ‘bank art.’ i have an ink pad right in front of me.
take care

May 4 2006
12:33 am
beastlysum writes:

i love that you have literary punctuations in your life–it’s like bookmarking one book you’re reading with a page from another, a painter leaving a post-it marked in acrylic…a gardener planning a message for the future via strategically planted seeds?
or maybe none of these at all. ;) it’s the mind path inspired by this post.

May 4 2006
3:48 pm
MARYBETH writes:

THe fingerprint image is hilarious =)
Sounds like the winds of change are a blowing. Stay present in every moment because it is al we have
MB in JT

May 4 2006
8:19 pm
Claire writes:

Gosh I love your fingerprint people drawing! And p.s. I spent hours drawing the animals in Ed Emberley’s book – I remember he introduced his book as “for the boy I was, the book I couldn’t find”

May 5 2006
1:01 pm
Siri writes:

I live in a small town where those fingerprint pads at the bank are, as of yet, unheard of. I’ve found myself annoyed when asked for my fingerprint at banks in the city. Since it’s apparently a commonplace thing that I’m going to have to get used to, what a perfect way you’ve devised for alleviating that aggravation! Thank you! I have a new tool for dealing with the world at large!
I don’t remember the Ed Emberly books when I was young, but our boys love them.

May 5 2006
1:59 pm
keri smith writes:

As a canadian, when I went into the banks here and saw the fingerprint pads I was shocked and disturbed. I have NEVER been asked to give fingerprints in my life. My husband informs me it is just accepted in this country (though not liked).
I will say the drawings have helped me deal with it a bit more and add some enjoyment to the experience.

May 6 2006
5:54 am
Matti writes:

I love that fingerprint doodle/drawing, it’s adorable! Now if I did that it would just look like a fingerprint :)
Yea, what’s the news? cmon spill.

May 11 2006
2:10 am
Samantha writes:

I was drawn by your title, for I have an interest in writing short stories. The first paragraph almost made me cry, it’s so beautiful. Jasmine. Spring. Mmmm.
A new book? Of course I’m curious!

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