March 29th, 2012
shake it up

Speaking Drawing from Michael T. Bullock on Vimeo.

One of my husband’s good friends (and mine too) is Mike Bullock (a genius artist and experimental musician). He has done a series of Speaker Drawings. The results are beautiful. He explains the process:

In “Speaking Drawing,” a series of watercolor paper cards and 2″x3″ art boards are placed in a large loudspeaker lying on its back on the floor. A very low, slowly changing tone is played through the speaker, causing the objects to bounce and shimmy around inside. I then drip India ink on the papers and blocks and attempt to draw on them as they quiver uncontrollably.

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Mar 30 2012
5:38 am
Sean Shimmel writes:


1. You could rig this through a whole concert and come up with a signature style… Aha!, Bon Jovi, George Winston, Stone Temple Pilots, Iron Maiden… and revel in the utter differences.

2. Lay down flat, hum loudly and have someone do this experiment on your throat. (PS… YOU go first. My shirt’s too new)


Mar 30 2012
5:04 pm

This is PHOKER?
This is PHOKST eith MASTESPANKER – 69?
This is BOAKER ?
He’s with BOALL.
And that’s SIR LANCELOT!
And we all know who he’s with.
He’s the UN with RUSH!
Not to be confused with TED SEA- RY SEA- RED SEA- DEAD SEA- HORSEA!

Apr 9 2012
7:22 pm
Lisa Allswede writes:

love the element of discovery!

Apr 20 2012
7:22 am
Monica writes:

Hi Keri, just thought I would let you know we are having sooo much fun with Wreck this Journal!! I bought my journal with my 14 yr daughter who told me all about it. The next day my son also wanted one. Our dining table is full of craft bits and pieces, the journals are looking just fabulous. It has created such a fantastic time together, we are having so much fun. Thank you for creating these books, my kids have come out of their rooms and we are actually spending quality time together. Monica

Apr 21 2012
5:09 am
dokay writes:

I found “this is not a book “in our library today,it’s very interesting and i think it’s an effect book in exploer our think.

Apr 23 2012
9:34 am
caroline lawton writes:

hello Keri
marvelousy generous gifts from you, as usual! Thank you – this not really related but saw and heard his stuff and thought of you – hope you and your followers like it



Apr 23 2012
9:35 am
caroline lawton writes:

should say marvelously !!!!

Apr 27 2012
3:52 am
Claude writes:

Hi Keri,
there is a link I found that might interest you, it’s about a German photographer (Martin Klimas) who puts paint on speakers and shoots photos of the paint, while the music is playing very loud. Beautiful synaesthesia:

PS: I love your blog, you are an inspiration for me, every day. Thank you for that!

May 3 2012
7:10 pm
Fanfan writes:

Yes, the energy we feel inside of us is very important. The energy of beauty, love, kindness, creativity that come from our heart. We have to feel this energy and to spread it in the entire world.

May 5 2012
8:21 pm
lindsey writes:

WOW this inspires me…always. love,compassion, hope,dreams i feel it all when i open wreck this journal ROCK ON!!! POWER OF POSITIVITY dont stop believing. gonna give this one to my kids when i find some

Jul 30 2012
7:49 pm
Mariana writes:

Cool idea – I’ve seen something similar with printmaking:

I think the results would be more interesting if coloured ink was used – so that the frequencies mixed up different hues.

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