September 15th, 2012

I like the idea of making things that exist quite happily without me being around them. In music, you talk about releasing records, and I always liked that expression because that is exactly what you do: you release it from yourself. You release it from you standing around and defending it and saying this or that about it. You set it free and it is just floating with everything else out there and then it takes whatever value is conferred upon it. I am very keen on this idea of conferral of value. The old idea with artists is that they take dead material and fill it with value, and I never liked that. From the age of fifteen I didn’t like that. What I liked was the idea of making things that attract value to them. They can be quite small. You put something out into the world and either it disappears completely, which often happens, or it starts to accumulate resonance.

–Brian Eno, from Interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2000

Sep 17 2012
3:10 pm
Folkscallmejonny writes:

I love the idea of resonance. It suggests everything has the potential to come alive and it’s just a matter of finding the frequency for that to happen, like tuning in a big, old fashioned, glow in the dark valve radio with all those exotic names on the dial.

Sep 18 2012
4:55 am
aylin writes:

‘as physics has discovered there are no physical connections, only resonance.’ marshall mcluhan. :)

Sep 20 2012
12:48 am
Sandra writes:

This reminded me of you! Inspiring us to play and be crazy scientists of art^^

Sep 21 2012
6:01 am
Clare F writes:

I like this because that’s how it feels when you’re expressing yourself. It was in you, you just needed to find a way to shape it somehow, to try to communicate it to others or just release it from yourself.

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