December 13th, 2004
ready, set, go.

get some words out today. they will slip into my private journal, the one with the pages falling out like leaves. dropping to the floor in a little pile.
how does one re-attach pages that are lost? I search for some glue, a needle and thread, a thimble.
I search for some lightheartedness today, but at times feel weighed down like the trees outside my window, the snow causing them to drop their arms in defeat. (If you shake the snow off of their branches it looks like they are waving at you.)
the snow marches on and so do i.
send me some happy thoughts.

Dec 14 2004
11:06 am
Keri Smith writes:

i think it is working. i feel slightly stronger today, able to do a little more than yesterday.
thank you so much. my heart is so very moved by your words, the pain in it lessened. i am not alone. don’t we all need to know that sometimes?
much love

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