October 12th, 2007
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I have had The Golden Notebook on my ‘to read’ list for many years now, I even bought a used copy which I left in canada due to weight constraints (damn). But now I have to read it. Look at that beautiful face.
an important article on the state of healthcare for freelancers. I was one of those freelancers who couldn’t afford it the first year I lived in this country. It is not just an issue for the poorest in the country, as the article states. When I went to get a physical for immigration purposes, I could only go to two doctors in my area who performed that service, (this was where people who have no money go.) I was told I could only pay cash, that my credit card was not welcome there, and I did (and still do) question the level of care that these people are receiving.
an interview with me at Emerson, (called “If Artist’s Ruled the World”) in which I wax on at length about a few political and philosophical isses, (namely education). The author of Emerson, Dale Conour, is the editor for Sunset Magazine, (which I love to read when I’m in california).
I have recently ordered many books by Georges Perec for my research on the new book. If you have any suggestions for other writers in the same vein that are readable (I struggled with Certeau), please write me.
If you haven’t seen this already prepare to be amazed. This one IS for real.
I enjoyed this new website about bas jan ader’s work, waiting for the new documentary to come out on dvd, site design by Superfamous.

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