January 29th, 2004
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1. Please can I go outside today without my snowpants?
2. Please could I stop trying to push the river for five minutes?
yes, that is up to you.
3. What will I see/experience today that is beautiful?
big snow ‘cakes’, Adelaide the dog smiling and running top speed to meet me and then rolling in the snow, the smell of a purple hydrangea, a newfie accent, the sound of the river, the sun (thank you)
4. How many times do I have to recieve the same lesson before I get it?
As many as it takes.
5. What should I do with all my fears?
Sit with them. They cannot hurt you.
6. What could I do today to take care of myself?
Give something away.
7. Will I ever see spring again? I’m beginning to forget what birds sound like.*
be patient.
*Though I did enjoy making snow angels today until the snow went up my pants.
Write down a list of questions. Go for walk. Let the answers come to you.

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