December 5th, 2005
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portentous may not be what you think

“I look at things as if they have a life and language of their own.” ~Jurgen Bey
everyday life has all the answers
some things of note
…i put up a new shop with some of my collages for sale.
…added a few more items to ‘fun with stickers’ page on flickr.
…a wonderful site for fellow gleaners.
…the definition of portentous is “of ominious significance”. which is not what I was expecting. Try using it in a sentence.
…I’m in love with these posters.
…so I’m going to make my own using this cheap screen printing tutorial.
…need a quick gift for someone? the pocket mod, is a free printable personal organizer you can customize, using the same folding technique as the magic book.

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