December 30th, 2006

peppermint tea
a piece of panettone.
all of the people are gone
and i am finally left alone
with my book.
i feel like i could sleep for days and days.
but the book is too good
so i read instead.
into the depths of winter on the coast of newfoundland i go.
make sure you bring your mittens.

Dec 30 2006
12:29 pm
patricia writes:

i rememember junior from newfoundland — early 80′s — punk and thrash — a buzzcut, one front tooth missing vocalist and how he loved his bologna flavored potato chips, a newfie special…

Dec 30 2006
2:37 pm
patricia writes:

Yes, that is what I love about the Holidays – the peace after all the guests have gone. It feels empty and lonely, too, though. The best time to fill oneself up with books, of course! I am devouring many gems right now. Or perhaps they are devouring me.
Happy, peaceful reading to you!

Dec 30 2006
7:42 pm
Rhea writes:

Sounds like you’ve described the perfect day.

Dec 30 2006
10:11 pm
kel writes:

you’ve captured the post silly season peace very nicely

Dec 31 2006
10:55 am
Shannon Claire writes:

Thanks for including links to what you’re currently reading, I’ve tracked down several of your past reads from the local library and enjoyed them very much!
Happy new year!

Jan 1 2007
5:54 am
Sophie writes:

I’m still amongst people…but later today I will travel into a book with my thoughts as well.
Happy New Year!!!

Jan 1 2007
8:51 pm
PJ writes:


Jan 2 2007
5:01 am
Jeanette Jobson writes:

Its refreshing to find someone saying something about Newfoundland that isn’t disparaging. Its a whole different world, as I’m sure you’re finding out. Happy New Year.

Jan 2 2007
8:38 am
himavant writes:

it’s a nice message for a year end. nice post.
keri, i quoted your writing in “wish jar” for my new year ‘review’. thank you for inspiring me!
happy new year!

Jan 2 2007
12:44 pm
jan writes:

nice and peaceful! happy new year!

Jan 3 2007
7:05 am
herhimnbryn writes:

Sounds perfect. It is good to have people over…but I too, like my home to myself when they have gone.
A happy and peaceful new year to you K.

Jan 3 2007
7:51 pm
jenny vorwaller writes:

love that description of peace, your words falling down like falling into the couch…with the book…tea…
love it.

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