May 5th, 2013
Out this week!

From the depths of my imaginary world, to you.

May 6 2013
2:39 pm
Monica writes:

Now in my hands… in Italy!

May 7 2013
1:47 pm
The Wild Donahues writes:

Happy to be picking ours up today! Spreading the word at our website!

May 7 2013
4:52 pm
Sarah writes:

Congrats! It looks wonderful!

May 9 2013
7:56 am
Still Wrecking writes:

This is again so cheerful and inspiring! On my wishlist.

May 10 2013
9:40 pm
Bridget Robertson writes:

The the book looks great!

May 13 2013
3:10 pm
jamie writes:

WOOHOO! Just got mine! =)

May 25 2013
10:01 am
Aisling writes:

awesome! I love the video, too! what is the name of the song in the video? I am some-what making my own “pocket scavenger” although, I am still hoping to grab one at a bookstore, or something! :) Love Ya’ Keri! :)

May 25 2013
6:41 pm
Brooke writes:

I just got this book, and I love it.

May 27 2013
4:38 am
Steph writes:

I have it and love it very much! Also diggin the app, very cool mapping feature, such a great way for the world to connect and I could see it taking on a life of its own :) always looking forward to see what you come up with. Will spread the word

May 29 2013
12:32 am
Zoja (Zoya) Kovacs writes:

I got the books for my birthday and let’s just say I am ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the idea of these books! I just love it that I can be creative in a nice and fun way! This may sound weird but it feels good to be destructive to these poor books because nowadays it’s always about ‘make it look good’ ‘make it neat’! So thank you so much Keri Smith for creating these books!
I really really want the newest book! The Pocket Scavenger! It sounds awesome! I love collecting stuff! My friends have seen me bring your books to school and they are always looking at the new pages I did! They liked it so much they each want to buy it! Thank you again Keri for creating these epic books!

Jun 11 2013
10:19 pm
kate writes:

the kids and I are very excited about your latest book – should make for some great discoveries this summer.

Jun 19 2013
2:49 am
Folkscallmejonny writes:

Keep calm and Keri on.

Jun 29 2013
10:20 am
SandraKo writes:

I got the book and I feel my creative juices started to flow faster. :P

Jul 15 2013
1:20 pm
nata writes:

I’m so greedy : yummy !

Jul 20 2013
8:35 pm
Alison writes:

I just got my first wreck this journal and this is my birthday wish list
1. How to be an explorer of the world
2. This is not a book
3. Mess
4. Finish this book
5. The pocket scavenger
I love your work so much and can’t wait to get the rest

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