April 3rd, 2011
off on a journey

(the entrance to Muir Beach, where we spent some time beach combing)

My book is done. Still a few revisions to come but it is for the most part complete. You will see it in a few short months (released September 7th I believe! I will write more as the date approaches. So far no cover image has been officially released online.) I love it and am sad to leave it behind, though grateful for the break from work, (it’s been an intensive few months).

We are beginning a long journey from California back to New York (via car). We are going to hit some places I have always wanted to see on the way, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified forest, Santa Fe NM, New Orleans, and more. Plus a stint in Texas to give a workshop at the Design Ranch!

I will check in from time to time here.

Apr 4 2011
1:15 am
CHILI writes:

Sounds great and I can’t wait to see your book.

Apr 4 2011
3:23 am
cassandra O'Leary writes:

Wow congrats on finishing the book!! I look forward to seeing it!! That road trip sounds really great I am sure you are going to have a great time!!! Enjoy your time off!!

Apr 4 2011
5:18 am
lasja writes:

just find your blog…a very nice blog…I’ve put your blog about 100 ideas to do, on my facebook…just to inspire others…thank you!

Apr 4 2011
5:38 am
Claire writes:

have a great trip, keri!
shout ‘hi’ to the grand canyon for me… i was there 16 years ago (3 months pregnant with our son :)) it’s one of those rare places on earth that deserves the hype… truly awe-inspiring!!
safari salama (swahili for ‘travel well’) x

Apr 4 2011
5:54 am
anne writes:

On the road again… enjoy! And congrats on your book, can’t wait to see it!!

Apr 4 2011
2:39 pm
KhrisTinna writes:

Enjoy your breake!! You really deserve it ;)
Oh, new book!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait ♥

Apr 4 2011
7:00 pm
Michelle Shopped writes:

check out el cosmico in marfa too if you can — it looks so cool! travel safely and enjoy!

Apr 4 2011
7:21 pm
Pom Pom writes:

Oh how wonderful! Can’t wait to see the book image!
Have a fun trip. Write a lot along the way. We live in such a beautiful country. Yahoo for the USA!

Apr 4 2011
8:56 pm
Christina {Sweet On Design} writes:

How. wonderful. If you would like any help planning your stay in New Orleans I would LOVE to offer some insight. How long will you be down there?

Blessings on your journey across the US & cheers to your new book. Cannot wait for it. :)

Apr 4 2011
11:21 pm
Tina writes:

Wait wait. Morning sickness, not teaching, headed to New York? I’ve missed so much!

Apr 5 2011
7:51 am
nina writes:

Yay for roadtrips, especially the non-rushed ones! Check out the Stonehenge reproduction in Hunt — near Design Ranch, I’m fairly certain. Can’t wait for the new book!

Apr 6 2011
12:40 am
pixie writes:

bless your journey, smithpitchers…we love you so.

Apr 7 2011
4:27 pm
Monnah writes:

Love this place. We were there 16 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Can’t wait to read/experience your new book!

Apr 18 2011
10:17 am
Brittany writes:

i love, LOVE your books. i’m working my way through “how to be an explorer of the world” right now. let me say, it’s definitely helping me to wake my brain up again and get the heck out of “mom mode”. thank you! <3
have fun on your trip!

Apr 20 2011
6:47 am
Jane writes:

I have a story for you Keri.
I remember you writing once about the book If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler and how it’s magical and turns up in unlikely places. For some reason this stayed with me, and I decided to look it up in my library. It wasn’t there so I just forgot about it.
A few months later, I was volunteering at a secondhand charity shop and sorting through the donated books I came across this book! I remembered your post and was a bit spooked, especially because the kind of books we get are usually second rate. I didn’t end up buying it though, but thought maybe you would like to hear this story :) And if it does keep turning up I think I will have to read it.

Apr 26 2011
4:21 pm
Shari writes:

I did a similar journey last summer…. from California to PA, via the I-10 East, to the 95 North. It was fantastic! Loved Tucson, AZ, and New Orleans, and other stops along the way… through terrific summer storms and searing heat. It was truly memorable! Especially as I was packed to the gills in my Mini, including plants, hats, guitars, etc… The Great Move. Hope you enjoy your journey as much as I enjoyed mine…

May 3 2011
3:00 am
Rhegan Tu'akoi writes:

fab! can’t wait to see it!

May 11 2011
10:56 pm
Ash writes:

New to the blog. Very interested your book. from what is here on the blog looks like a fantastic find.

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