March 10th, 2007
of note

interesting article on how advertising is negatively affecting blogs Blogging for dollars blurs line of truth

Mar 11 2007
5:33 am
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Mar 11 2007
6:09 am
Sarah writes:

Definitely an unattractive trend, but it’s easy enough to spot the shill*, and even easier not to return to their “blog”.
*There seems to be an inverse relationship between willingness to sell out, and skill at disguising it.

Mar 11 2007
1:59 pm
kate writes:

. . . i saw this last week and thought of your ad-free bloggers mission . . . bloggers as barkers . . . it’s such a sign of how everyone is totally mezmerized by cash . . . i actually have been getting offers here and there . . . a publisher asked if he could send me free books and if i liked them, to blog about them . . . if felt so weird, i was so conflicted . . . the books were of a spiritual nature, of people’s awakenings and metaphysical whatnots . . . he sent me an ebook, but i never finished it . . . it made me feel funny even being a part of it though i get that it isn’t such a big deal . . . but it felt like a Gateway Deal :) . . . yeah . . . blog free! :)

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