February 5th, 2012
Nowhere island

My piece for the Nowhere Island project is live. Hope you enjoy it!

Feb 6 2012
12:47 pm
Jenny Smith writes:

I signed up for my citizenship!

Feb 6 2012
2:29 pm
folkscallmejonny writes:

Keri and Jenny, Citizen Smith was a British TV sitcom in the 1970s

Feb 10 2012
12:18 pm
Zazie writes:

Is it me, but I keep reading “Now Here” island, where I (try to) live (most of the time).

Feb 15 2012
12:07 am
Hillary writes:

Beautiful — yours is the best entry!

Feb 19 2012
10:06 am
Briana writes:

Wow! What an amazing project. I love your contribution to the project. So glad you posted the link here. Well done!

Feb 25 2012
6:56 pm
georgia-rose writes:

my mom singed up for her citizenship!!!

Jul 10 2012
3:55 am
bobb writes:

Found an island in a glacier???????? and floated it to the UK, Purleeese…………is this a con?

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