February 14th, 2006
not still

I just completed this postcard for a friend’s gallery, distill, which is having it’s third year anniversary in Toronto on March 3rd, 4th, & 5th. It is by far my favourite gallery in the city, located in the European-like Distillery district. Everything is made by hand by some of the most amazing Canadian artists. Alli has always been the kind of person who has an incredible knack for putting things together, (whether it’s clothes, or a room, or a garden), her home has always been a work of art in itself. So much so that you want to spend time just looking at everything. Her approach seems to be about simplicity, little details, with the element of surprise thrown in. perfect.
A recent article in the UK edition of Country Living had me falling in love with a victorian stone cottage in Scotland. Sparsely decorated with things found in nature, it gave me the idea to string up all of my seed pod collection and display it in a mobile form. I am so happy with it I want to string up everything! The best part is that the owners of the cottage have an online store called Papa Stour, which sells everything found in their home, items handcrafted by Scottish artisans. My favourites are the cans of twine, the handmade journals, the porcelain bowls, the egg cosies, and the circle paintings by Catherine Chalmers.

Feb 14 2006
9:43 pm
cindy writes:

what lovely links kerri. i love uk magazines. they just seem to revere handmade more. papa stour is a treasure.

Feb 14 2006
11:57 pm
kristine writes:

Great card. I love your work.

Feb 15 2006
1:13 am
lisa writes:

oh my. would i love an original of this collage and drawing. really nice.

Feb 15 2006
1:30 am
bohemiangirl writes:

oh my…i truly dig the Papa Stour and all its goodies. huge smile across my face at first glance of the egg cosies. cuteness…
my sister collects handmade journals. i’ve been wanting to find her a special one to take with her to a hospital she will be at for 3 weeks of testing for her Lupus. i think the ones you linked here are perfect. thank you, dear Keri for helping me find it.

Feb 15 2006
4:46 am
Tobi writes:

Speaking as a self confessed English country bumpkin Country Living UK is a bible. There are few magazines that leave me feeling so inspired after turning the pages.
Besides you, Country Living has inspired me to fufill my dreams!!!
See its such a small world!

Feb 15 2006
5:48 am
m writes:

oooh thanks for promoting scottish crafts. If any of your readers are in Edinburgh Scotland can I recommend Concrete Butterfly a shop in the Cowgate where I bought the most beautiful knitted horse for a friends baby (I can’t seem to find a link to them)

Feb 15 2006
7:38 am
eliane writes:

European-like, you make me giggle, thank you. You are absolutely right of course. Lots of places in Europe have exactly the same artificial feel as the distillery district. It’s a few blocks away from my house, but I hardly ever go there.

Feb 15 2006
7:53 am
herhimnbryn writes:

oh, thankyou for finding this. We are going home to the UK this year and also to Scotland. I thing I’ll have to go on a little hunting trip to find Papa Stour!

Feb 15 2006
8:41 am
andrea from the fishbowl writes:

Egg cosies are the perfect thing to make breakfast a little happier. I love them! They’re irresistable.
Can I share one I made?
It’s here…
In fact, I’m thinking of hosting an egg-cosy exchange. I don’t think you can have too many cosies!! :)

Feb 15 2006
8:47 am
beeb writes:

Egg cosies? I’ve never heard of such a thing… they are adorable!

Feb 15 2006
9:59 am
Laura writes:

Would love to see a photo of your strung-up seed pods.

Feb 15 2006
10:26 am
kyra writes:

I love the collage!
What did you use to do the pink figure?

Feb 15 2006
11:52 am
liz writes:

oh keri!!–can’t believe you’ve read that article!! i’m canadian but live in the uk now–only 1/2 an hour from the scottish border!–i LOVE country living!! am going to scotland in a couple of weeks for a break with my husband–think i might be going shopping!! thank you!!
liz xx

Feb 15 2006
3:24 pm
Leonie writes:

absolutely stunning picture dudette.
i love how your morning collages and commissions become intertwined and feed into each other…

Feb 15 2006
3:46 pm
kristen writes:

great post and links! thanks for spreading the word about the distillery district. it is one of my favourite places to go in the summer. glad to see you aren’t forgetting your canadian roots!

Feb 15 2006
6:06 pm
Katie writes:

I love country living uk!
You can find alot of the artisans from that magazine on http://www.countrylivingfair.co.uk/

Feb 15 2006
6:35 pm
Kerilyn writes:

Hey! Your comment about your friend.. and spending time looking at all her things in her space.. I feel the same way about my girlfriend Kyra.. I can spend hours just slowly going thru her room.. seeing all the cool new things/art/inspiration that are posted on her wall. It’s a great feeling… To be surrounded by someones soul… thanks for sharing!

Feb 16 2006
11:48 am
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Feb 16 2006
11:53 am
susannah writes:

hi keri,
love the pink! i’m wondering what kind of adhesive you use to attach your pieces to your collages so that they stay put but don’t look gluey.

Feb 16 2006
12:28 pm
Thorsten writes:

Beautiful scrap paper (?) and composition!
Same question maye hundreds asked you: where do collect all the papers from ? ;-)

Feb 16 2006
6:20 pm
Zya writes:

I have been watching your blog in the background for ages! And this post has made me come out and say hi… I love it! And I love your work… can’t wait to see more.

Feb 17 2006
8:31 am
Richard writes:

Every time I visit, I find something else wonderful to ponder.
I would so like to sit with you for an hour or so one day, and just listen.
Best …

Feb 19 2006
10:31 am
beth maher writes:

Distill is one of my favourite places in the world. I have yet to buy anything from it though. Can’t afford it right now. But one day when I’m rich I’ll buy out the place. I especially loved seeing your collages in real life for the first time, and these cute little kindergarten teacher tweed jackets with beautiful things and words and little birdies apliqued to them. It’s definitely a place I get as much inspiration just from being in than from purchasing anything specific. It’s so rare to find a “store” that I gain so much from for free.
Also: I especially like the colours in this collage. I like that you’ve integrated your drawings into your collages.

Feb 19 2006
11:51 am
Rhonda writes:

Keri, I love country Living .. I have been reading it for many years… I seem to have alot in common with people who read it…its the WabSabiness of it…
Keri, you are a very gracious and giving person.. thank you for sharing your ideas with us and baring your soul…you have taught me thing or two..

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