February 11th, 2006
no thinking day

Feb 11 2006
5:42 pm
amanda writes:

oh, i love this. thank you, thank you.

Feb 11 2006
8:41 pm
kathreen writes:

oh yes – courage to be that way

Feb 11 2006
8:58 pm
herhimnbryn writes:

I have a small note written on a scrap of paper and taped on the wall in the kitchen………
‘Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon’.
Your post instantly rang a peel of bells for me.

Feb 11 2006
9:30 pm
fern writes:

“I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, don’t let anyone tell you different” -Kurt Vonnegut

Feb 12 2006
10:12 am
dawn writes:

It was through your “recommended reading” list that I discovered Brenda Ueland and I’m so so glad I did. Thank you!

Feb 12 2006
10:38 am
Tickled Pink writes:

As an over-thinker I’m crazy about the idea of a no thinking day!

Feb 12 2006
12:32 pm
neilornstein writes:

I understand what you mean in the context of making art and freeing yourself from tired conceptions BUTTTTTT-
judging from the sad and sorry way that humans deal with each other there would seem to 365 ntd’s per year with an extra one thrown in every 4 years to keep the calander on track.
More seriously, lots of nice stuff here.

Feb 13 2006
12:58 am
jenny writes:

I though wreckless was spelt wreckless, not reckless. Is it not?

Feb 13 2006
2:20 pm
kelly writes:

Keri, i was wondering if you could direct me to a post (or if one doesn’t exist, maybe write a post) on how you piece these collages together? They’re beautiful and I wondered things like where you found your paper, if you just let them take form, or if something guided you?
Lovely work, as always.

Feb 13 2006
2:59 pm
Lee writes:

nice quote and very true…thanks for posting that today :)

Feb 14 2006
9:56 am
andrea from the fishbowl writes:

I think I need to try to remember that more often. Thanks for that!

Feb 14 2006
3:11 pm
christine writes:

i’m clinging on to RECKLESSNESS today. xx

Feb 14 2006
3:29 pm
bohemiangirl writes:

ooooh…i like this philosophy very much. it completely resonates with me right now.
thank you for introducing me to Brenda Ueland.

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