September 13th, 2005
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new shoes, new life

I have not been doing much drawing, or writing, or painting. Little bits here and there. But instead giving myself time to ease into this new life. Though I have a couple of illustration deadlines to keep me slightly in the world, I am enjoying giving myself time to just be in a new place, observe it, notice the nuances.
I will admit to not wanting to write here because of recent occurences, I felt a bit weighted by it all. But I do not wish people’s opinions of me to influence my art. I have always like the saying, “what you think of me is none of my business”. And so I will carry on writing what is in my heart and sharing the bits and pieces of my life here when I am moved to do so.
I am not used to having access to things. I still find it strange that i can go to a grocery store whenever I want, (something most people take for granted I suppose.) But in Flesherton one has to drive quite a distance for anything, (at least ten miles for the closest not-so-good market and forty minutes to a good store). Here I can ride my bike anywhere, to anything it seems. So very different. Great for my love of cooking and books, not so great from a monetary perspective. Thousands of books at my fingertips anytime I want, (luckily there are a couple of great used and discounted book stores). I have treated myself to a few new things…a work desk (the kind with work horses so you can tilt the top if you need to), new red shoes (perfect for riding around town), a book of poetry by Mary Oliver, and four earthy green plates. Many of the furnishings have been found on the roadside, a retro wooden coffee table, an art and crafts dresser, a beautiful orange metal office chair from the fifties, a metal lamp, and yesterday a rusted metal plant holder for the garden. I also bought some chalkboard paint and have been painting found pieces of wood with it (I like artwork that changes). My greatest idea thus far was hanging my journals on the wall with clothespins and tacks, I can change the pages when I get tired of them.
other things i am not used to…
…being able to plant seeds and flowers now, (arugula, collard greens, cilantro).
…the drastic change in temperatures (i find myself changing clothes several times a day. right now my nose is running it is so chilly but later I will be in tshirt and skirt.)
…the different kinds of plants in the garden. (the roses are still blooming)
…at the food co-op the other day they whole store sang happy birthday to one of the employees, (it made me cry, i have never had that experience in a store).
…mexican food, taqueria’s are as popular here as donut shops are in the east. (I had my first chicken burrito the other day.) I am learning bits of spanish here and there and enjoying it quite a bit.
…olive trees, what a strange new smell.
…the perfume of bay laurel and eucalyptus in the air.

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