May 18th, 2011
my latest book, coming soon to a store near you…

The cover was released on Amazon today, it’s always an exciting moment for me when this happens. We are going on a bit of a journey together in this one…

and on the back cover…

some sneak previews to come…

May 18 2011
4:15 pm
Melissa writes:

Can’t wait, Keri! This looks really exciting!

May 18 2011
10:43 pm
lina writes:

so exciting!! : )

May 18 2011
11:48 pm
Kirsten writes:

I’ve loved your books (and many of my friends form Holland as well) and I just found out you are my roommates sister, I live with Jenny right now! How funny is that, its such a small world! The new book sounds exciting, I will keep my friends updated :) :)

May 19 2011
5:40 am
Caatje writes:

How exciting! Look forward to it!

May 19 2011
7:23 am
karey writes:

holy cow, this looks amazing.
can’t wait to get this!

May 19 2011
11:04 am
Shari writes:

Oooooooo….. can’t wait!!!!

May 19 2011
1:51 pm
Kelsi writes:


May 19 2011
3:29 pm
Claire writes:

oooooh! show me more… pleeeeease :)

May 19 2011
3:34 pm
Folkscallmejonny writes:

Great concept!

May 20 2011
11:30 am
nina writes:


May 20 2011
1:44 pm
KhrisTinna writes:

Oh My God, this is awesome!! I have always wanted something like this, can’t wait to have it!!!!

May 21 2011
4:24 pm
thin guy writes:

very cool, you’re on my art-spiration watchlist! =)

May 25 2011
4:14 pm
Ellie writes:

Oh my goodness, I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw this! I cannot wait to see more. Keri, I really hope you let us see more of this real soon! (I’m freaking out!!!)

May 28 2011
12:16 am
pixie writes:

YIPPEEEE! I can’t wait to take this journey with your newest creation!

May 29 2011
7:08 am
Folkscallmejonny writes:

Furnish this bank?

May 29 2011
8:10 pm
Lori - What Remains Now writes:


I’m in! Tomorrow (Monday, May 30), I’ll finish talking about your book Mess on my blog. It’s been fantastic! Can’t wait for this new one. Thank you for being so inspiring. I hope you and your family are well.

May 30 2011
1:35 pm
Holly writes:

Keri! Oh I can’t wait for your new book. Your books bring me so much joy and I love giving them as gifts! Thank you for your amazing work!

May 31 2011
9:14 am
Michelle Shopped writes:

f-in’ a keri, your book concepts are bloody brilliant (and i’ve been 8 mos pregnant in similar heat in burlington vt with a sweet 5 y.o. hangin’ out with me…(i had a bit of a meltdown when a bank teller gave me a hard time on a particularly sweltering day in may, i told my 5 y.o. afterward mommy shouldn’t have done that and i’m sorry — hoo boy!) got heidi’s latest book on my hit list too but sewing me some alabama style at the moment…and you’re right about malabrigos! totally delish…stay well and cool…

May 31 2011
12:54 pm
Laura writes:

hi, just thought I’d say I love your books (and now your blog as well) can’t wait to get this one:) !

May 31 2011
3:54 pm
Melanie writes:

I have Mess, Wreck This Journal, and This is Not a Book, can’t wait to force my parents to get me this one.

Jun 1 2011
8:45 pm
moose writes:

i only have one and it is Wreck this journal i wonder if my parents this one

Jun 3 2011
8:54 pm
Michaela writes:

I’ve never read any of your books before, and I’m planning to read this one. It seems very creative, and I also want to read Living Out Loud and Wreck This Journal. I can’t wait to read them!

Jun 23 2011
7:06 pm
claudine hellmuth writes:

I can’t wait!! I have all of yours!

Jul 16 2011
7:29 am
Jianine writes:

Can’t wait! This book looks really cool :)

Aug 8 2011
10:46 pm
Brittani writes:

Keri PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out with a book once a year for the rest of your life! I live off these things!

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