October 26th, 2011
My first book of the year nomination

The Austrian Ministry of Science has nominated “How to be an explorer of the world” (“Wie man sich die Welt erlebt” in german) to be voted as science book of the year? Until next january everyone is free to give her/his vote for it here: wissenschaftsbuch (I had to use Google translate to read it).

I feel so very flattered and grateful for this, you cannot even imagine. I’m on top of the world today!

Oct 26 2011
10:06 am
Mindful Mimi writes:

I have just voted for you!
Greetings from Luxembourg (not so far from Austria)

Oct 26 2011
10:55 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

ich gratuliere und unterstuetze die Nominierung.

Oct 26 2011
11:43 am
Beth writes:


Oct 26 2011
1:09 pm
LilaLena writes:

Meine herzlichsten Glückwünsche! :D
You’ve got my vote! I love the idea that it’s up for ‘science’ book of the year, because yes, it does represent a rather innovative approach to science – or possibly the oldest of them all… :)
Lena from Germany

Oct 27 2011
6:11 am
katrin writes:

I voted, too of course – love the book – and I am happy that they picked the book a good sign for the future of “science”, I think ;-)
Katrin from Germany (next to the border of Austria ;-) )

Oct 27 2011
7:25 am
Caatje writes:

Wonderful! Congratulations!

Oct 27 2011
4:14 pm
oladios writes:

Congratulations , what a beautiful nomination

Oct 28 2011
5:26 am
anna writes:

I will send the best wishes too ( not directly from germany, because i am currently in lovely vancouver but…. yeah)

on a side note, i want to point something out as a native german speaket.the german translation is very loose, not word for word. and its not even a common half sentence in the german language. i am not sure how i can describe it more properly, but the sentence is kind of ‘off sounding’. normally you would just say ‘wie man die welt erlebt’ ( how you pay attention/live the world) but the added ‘sich’(‘~yourself’) shifts the sentence to an interesting perspective: it underlines your personal influence much more as a ‘decision’, state of mind, that you take cautiously, to discover the world with your own mind/thinking/actions.
i’m not sure if i can explain it better, but yeah, the german title ‘ wie man SICH die welt erlebt’ fits very well. you read the sentence and bump over the added word and hopefully book too!
;) Long story short, i just wanted to share my sudden ‘look…oh, wait!yeah!’-moment ;)


Oct 28 2011
7:32 am
Janina writes:

There seem to be many comments of my fellow germans under this post.
Therefore: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!

Janina aus Deutschland

P.S.: If you have any questions about a website written in german, I think you might just ask your readers for an translation ;-)

Oct 29 2011
8:22 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

Good observation, Anna. There’s a saying among translators that translations are like women – they are either faithful but not beautiful or beautiful but not faithful. I’m not a native German speaker but I noticed the “sich” too. What’s also interesting is that The English title conveys the meaning through a noun (Explorer) while the German conveys the meaning through a verb (erleben). This happens a lot – English prefers vague verbs like “be/do/get” while German prefers a more precise verb.

Oct 29 2011
5:19 pm
Still wrecking writes:

And the Dutch title of this book, if it will be translated, I am sure will be: How to be an explorer of the world… The title of “Wreck this journal” was also unchanged in the dutch translation. A pity, because “Sloop dit dagboek” (= literal translation) or a bit more daring “help dit boek naar z’n grootje” (not so literal translation/”send this book off to its granny”) sounds quite good in Dutch! But I would not know how to translate How to be an explorer of the world. “Beleef je wereld” (experience your world) is my try… By the way, I will give you my vote!

Oct 30 2011
4:03 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

I love “help dit boek naar z’n grootje”.

Oct 30 2011
9:18 am
Brenda writes:

Love your illustrations and how your mind works!
Just discovered you —
Congratulations on the nomination!

Oct 31 2011
6:39 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

Keri, did you draw the text on the cover of the German language edition of Explorer or was it done by a Keri Smith tribute artist?

Nov 6 2011
6:13 pm
chiqui writes:


Nov 10 2011
5:54 pm
Sigrid writes:

Hi Keri, I am a fan of your work, love reading your blog, own a few of your books and have given them as presents. It is great to hear that this book has been published in German – I live and work in Austria, in teacher education, and will definitely recommend it. Hope you win the prize!

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