April 27th, 2004
mud washes out

some things i am learning while plodding through this life…
-that what i had interpreted as extreme independence is actually a fear of commitment (re: safety mechanism)
-that love is not something we create but something we access, it is always there whenever we need it
-that a large part of experiencing love is allowing yourself to receive it
-that fear is a constant companion with us on all of our adventures
-that i am not responsible for other people’s emotions (ooh that’s a hard one, ongoing yes.)
-that life (and relationships) shrink and expand in proportion to what we are willing to give to them/it
-that being gentle with oneself is much harder than it sounds
-that it is o.k. for people to be upset
-that there are no such things as mistakes
-that ‘not taking yourself too seriously’ is about surrendering to your true self and losing the mask
-that one will be regularly required to leap, jump, throw, spin, hurl, fall, run, scream, plummet, etc. in order to learn what trust really means
-that being honest sometimes requires getting dirty, one must be willing to play in the mud without worrying about their clothes. SAY YES TO MUD!
-that in order to feel successful you must stop and acknowledge your successes
-that music and dancing ALWAYS help
-that I am whole and complete right were I am now, wholeness is not some destination I will only visit in the future when i achieve ______?
-that I don’t know much of anything
-that when things get really bad, it can only help to dress like a pirate

Apr 27 2004
2:30 pm
Keri Smith writes:

being human is all about contradiction.
the two things walk together like young naive lovers on a first date.
(i’m not really sure what that means but I thought it sounded almost poetic.)

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