March 16th, 2009
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move we must

as if it knew exactly what I was needing, the weather turned warm (50 degrees). I know it’s all relative. while in southern california I overheard MANY people complaining about the cold (it was 60 degrees). let me tell you, this 50 is HEAVEN!
also as if it knew exactly what I needed the universe has sent me a flood of mail full of things that I needed to hear. I am all ears. and my darkish mood lifts. though I do believe these dark periods are entirely good and necessary. they prepare us to enter into a new place or stage. doesn’t mean that they feel good at the time.
move we must. or sit still and stagnate. I feel something big stirring inside these sleepy bones (my little one is cutting molars so sleep does not come easy these days).
so thank you to all who wrote.

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