November 10th, 2004
month of softies -Sidney

Sidney the elephant is on his way to work. He carries his briefcase which contains the following items,
1 cell phone
his lunch (which consists of 1 tomato and cheese sandwich with mustard and
1 container of milk)
today’s newspaper
Sidney works at a law firm where he is an expert at memorizing and retrieving case numbers. After work he likes to put on his p.j.’s, and eat dinner (tofu with peanut sauce), while watching his favourite show (Jeapardy).
Sidney was created using iron on transfer paper, the design printed (both front and back) then ironed onto cotton. The briefcase was sewn out of felt. the accessories have a little piece of velcro on the back and can be attached. approx. 9″ x 4″
Having made many of these pillow dolls in the past I find I am still working at perfecting the ironing technique. So far it seems the hotter the better. For me (someone with a short attention span), the method is fairly quick (once the design is complete), and I quite enjoy making accessories to go with the dolls. (For Hortence and Giles I made tiny skates out of felt, and scarves.)

Nov 11 2004
2:54 pm
Keri Smith writes:

Hi Susan et al,
The product is Epson Iron-on Transfer paper. The sketch was inked with a brush, scanned and then colored in photoshop.

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