March 23rd, 2004
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Many years ago I spent a day wandering around the streets of Amsterdam. I turned down a little sidestreet beside the famous Rijks Museum and there I spotted a small cube van. I am not normally drawn to cube vans as a rule but a little sign sitting in front of it called me to investigate. The door on the back of the van was open and inside was the most amazing little art gallery I had ever seen. I paid a woman two guilders and stepped up onto the platform. The work on display was quite magical, little painted house-like sculptures. But what I was most fascinated with was the gallery itself. The artist had made use of what was at her disposal, a van and her talent. She found no reason why she couldn’t show her work anywhere and everywhere. Even right next to some of the worlds most famous painters, namely Rembrant, Van Gogh. The daring of it all made me grin.
I am reminded of folk artist Maude Lewis who put her paintings out on her front lawn with a sign saying “art for sale $5″. As her work grew in popularity her price remained the same. (She once got a letter from President Nixon asking her to send a painting for his collection, she sent a kind reply requesting that he first send a cheque for $5. And really why should you have special treatment just because you are the president?) Take a little tour through the painted house of Maude.
When traveling I have always been enamoured by those who pack art pieces into a little suitcase and sell them on a side street to random passers-by.
These things remind me that there are no barriers to getting our work out into the world (whether logistical, financial, or technical). We are limited only by our own minds.

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