September 24th, 2003
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Mobile Fun for You!

A little gift for you crafty folks out there…I’ve been experimenting with creating mobiles lately. To recieve the Fall Colors Mobile, just click on the “free mobile” patch on the sidebar. You might see some Eric Carle influence in this creation, (it seeps in without you knowing it.)

Also, I’ve started my first singing lessons. It is an attempt to a) try something new, and b) work more directly with my voice (for speaking as well). I’m not interested in becoming a fabulous singer (although I am hoping to improve somewhat), but rather to learn more about technique, breathing, and projection. What I’ve learned so far is it’s harder than it looks! After one hour of doing scales I am left winded and exhausted. We had our first group session on the weekend (usually the lessons are one on one), and it felt so great to just sing with other women. (And we learned a few great English pub songs to boot, so I now feel I could confidently travel to England and hold my own while stopping for a pint.)
In the past I never felt confident signing in a group, but being in the musical last year really changed that. On the few occasions I had been to church (weddings, funerals), I always sat in the back and mouthed the words. I think I’ve learned that if you do anything often enough it becomes second nature and the fear is dissapated. I’m hoping that this also applies to public speaking. I so admire people who are natural and comfortable in front of a crowd or a camera. Why is it that the presence of a lens pushes me into an instant state of panic?
One thing that has come out of the singing lessons is that I find I am singing all of the time now. I even do it in public places without realizing it, sometimes blushing in embarrasment. My goal is to do it regularly without blushing.

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