March 22nd, 2005
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mini revolt

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. –Colette
A little cranky today, not enough sleep last night with some pms thrown in for good measure. But the sun is out. The sun! How I missed you so.
On days like today I feel like doing something totally outrageous and new…
like wearing a turban for a week, or dying my hair blue, or moving to Morrocco.
i feel like staging a mini revolt against my known world. paint the trees, glue strange objects to the ceiling, sleep in a hammock, cover my dining room floor with grass, change my name (preferably to one of the one word variety).
you see i have a rebellious nature. and winter has outworn it’s welcome.
I like the idea of changing my appearance so that my closest friends would not even recognize me. Take on another persona for a few days.
Jeff and I were browsing in a bookstore the other day and found ourselves laughing out loud at a book that suggested various things to do the change your everyday experience, (i can’t recall the title for the life of me). The only one I can remember now is “hurt yourself on purpose -pinch your arm as hard as you can for 10 minutes”. So I came up with a few of my own…
don’t shower for a month (document the process)
choose random themes for your day (ie. rubber day, staple everything day, day of transparency)
try keeping a marble in your mouth for 12 hours.
tell every stranger you meet it’s your birthday
wear two different shoes
on your way to work leave a ‘trail’, (crumbs, rocks, candy, etc)
take a vow of silence
put something small on your body somewhere and see how long it stays (ie. a pea behind your ear, a feather in your underwear).(from my husband)
dye all your food blue for a week.
name all your furniture (with human names, bob, freda, carl)
attempt to ‘bring back’ an outmoded fashion (ie. the top hat, gauchos, the sombrero, the michael jackson jacket)
create an indoor hopscotch game.
make a footprint stamp and track everywhere you walk in a day.
create a “made up” family album, out of photos you find of strangers.
wear safety glasses and ask people if they like your new frames.
give a lecture on a subject you know nothing about. Wing it. (from Mike.)
any to add?

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