January 24th, 2005
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message received, over and out

I am up to my eyeballs in book proposals. One complete and ready to ship tomorrow and another on the way. Ironically, this time of year has always been my most creative. It must have something to do with being hunkered down, the -25 degree temperatures, and the lack of sun. My right brain comes alive from lack of stimulation and creates it’s own fun. Instead of hibernating, I find myself accomplishing rather daunting projects. It could also be that there is just not much else to do and so I play.
I wish so badly that I could share with you these new ideas, but they will have to wait. At times I feel so grateful to you who reads my words on a regular basis. Does it sound too negative to say that at times I feel undeserving of the praise? I am just plodding along like you, finding my way as I go. How many times have I felt completely unsure of my path, only to come home to an email from a stranger sharing their story and how I have served to enter into it in some small way. A message from the universe to keep going.
And so I write, counting the steps, documenting the changes. It is the changes that seem to stir up the most emotion and they are unending.
I find it fascinating that sometimes we know what changes are coming and so we are able prepare for them, plot the course. But many times it is the changes that we cannot predict that serve to shape us as humans. And shape we will, for better or worse.

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