November 22nd, 2004

My studio looks like it was hit by a tornado. Yesterday I worked on a new collage series for a group show. I am always amazed at the amount of mess that occurs when I do any kind of creative work. The right brain cares not for neatness and order, but would rather wander furiously through chaos and dis-order. Single minded and manic it jumps around with color and shapes, glue flying. I walked around with duct tape on my sock for a long while, glue in my hair. The scars of battle.
good links (kicking my butt)
casa timotheo, beautiful design, beautiful illustrations from Portugal. (thank you Mariana)
kim’s suitcase…I met kim many years ago at a book fair where we both had tables and was an instant fan. Her work is tiny, delicate, colorful, and adorable. And her writing is like eating a favourite dessert (you can never have too much.) Yay for her new blog!
we are what we do…so good. I wish their book was available in North America, I would be buying one for everyone on my list! (link from mint-tea)
…the world needs more stickers.
..Jonathan Gitelson. the art of the commonplace. Hours of fun.

Nov 22 2004
11:27 am
Anonymous writes:

Glory! I love making messes! Some people are too clean to make messes. We should be sorry for them and pray for messyness in their lives.

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