April 14th, 2007
me talking

A recent podcast I did with Hip Tranquil Chick, (aka Kimberley Wilson). (run time is just under an hour, I’m a bit of a slow talker, prone to pauses between words.)
in the interview I mention masanobu fukuoka the inventor of seed bombs, who I discovered through my gardening expert/friend Gayla.
still on the couch. but the fever has gone. if only this cough would go away.

Apr 15 2007
12:57 am
Marilyn writes:

I enjoyed the podcast. It’s so true what you said about most of us not really connecting with our public spaces. re guerrilla art…you might be interested to know that this week’s (well, next Thursday’s) prompt at Poetry Thursday (http://poetrythursday.org) is to do some guerrilla poetry. I’d been pondering the idea of doing that but combining it with found art (putting a poem on something other than a piece of paper). Maybe that prompt will finally inspire me to actually do it.

Apr 15 2007
5:47 am
shiny writes:

i love hip tranquil chick… and I love you, so can you imagine my joy at finding the post that you’d done a podcast????
Yippee! Can’t wait to tune in and hear it.
:) *big grin*

Apr 15 2007
1:40 pm
judy writes:

I have just started a very simple blog (www.kitsune.tumblr.com) and have been researching other blogs and found yours. I have been enjoying exploring all the different things you have online. Listened to the podcast which allowed me to digest and “hear” what you are saying about creativity in a different way. I’ve been in a funk so it was helpful for me to hear you talking about this kind of down time and to not beat myself up about it. I also got inspired to start an art journel to help me get creative again and looked into some of the people you mentioned in the interview – every little bit helps! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Apr 15 2007
6:35 pm
m writes:

hey … sorry to hear about your cough hope it goes soon
virtual green jasmine tea for you…

Apr 16 2007
10:45 am
Kat writes:

good one, keri! and hope you’re feeling mucho much better already. (pauses are definitely alright. and more real. it’s that go-go-no-dead-air-time, “say anything even you don’t mean it” style that’s annoying!:-p)

Apr 16 2007
12:12 pm
eb writes:

I love this overlap between yoga and creativity – I have a tendency to compartmentalize -
looking forward to the podcast
thanks again
xox – eb.

Apr 16 2007
12:31 pm
Lucia writes:

I love your podcast. And you have a nice voice. Sincere and open.

Apr 16 2007
2:16 pm
littlepurplecow writes:

Great to hear your voice! I enjoyed the podcast. Did you mail your postcards? I’m off to use my stickers.

Apr 16 2007
5:20 pm
Courtney writes:

I have been listening to Hip Tranquil Chick for a long time, so it was fantastic to hear you on it today! You gave a great interview, and I really enjoyed it.

Apr 16 2007
5:24 pm
Chelsey writes:

This has nothing to do with your podcast, but I saw this article and thought you might be interested…a city banning advertisemet in public spaces. Pretty cool.

Apr 16 2007
7:34 pm
kenya writes:

you were fab on HTC!
would love to hear — literally — more from you. podcasts have replaced radio for me so i’m always searching for more people to dig on.
waddaya say?!?

Apr 16 2007
7:38 pm
kenya writes:

PS: hope you’re feeling better!
an herbal expectorant always helps me loosen that last bit of cold.
i get this one at whole foods and it works wonders:

Apr 17 2007
6:39 am
Shannon writes:

Hi Keri — I love your blog. I always learn something new everytime I visit. It was fun to hear what you sound like on the podcast! I feel like your authentic and honest voice just shines in the interview. You mention quite a few books/authors/people (very quickly) in the interview. Some, I didn’t see on your books page? Would you be willing to add or note in some way from podcast? So many of the ones I have read/do know about are just excellent choices – I want to get the ones I haven’t heard of on my reading list! Thanks again for the GREAT blog and excellent work you are putting out into the world. :-)

Apr 17 2007
10:16 am
sabine writes:

I love your work and your view on life! It gives a lot of inspiration, it really works, even in Belgium!

Apr 17 2007
3:31 pm
Appleseed writes:

I enjoy your creativity and encouragement to just do the work. I listened to the podcast and liked your way of expressing yourself. My only disappointment was your lack of not talking more about the business part of your art. This is always a barrier for many artists and has also kept many from continuing a career in art. It’s apparent that you are doing well in marketing your work and it would have been nice to hear more specifics about that. Maybe you can do this in your blog. Just a thought.
Great Blog and thank you for all the inspiration when it comes to creating art.

Apr 19 2007
2:27 am
Monica writes:

I have been both digging your work and listening to Kimberly Wilson for a while. It was great hearing you two get together. When you talked about your organizational issues in high school and recording everything in one journal my breath caught. It was all too familiar. If you could recall the source (or sources) of knowledge and inspiration to keep that one journal (etc.) that you mentioned, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for sharing. Peace

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