September 20th, 2011
look who showed up in my soup

I had to laugh when I finished my lunch yesterday. I’ve been getting a lot of owl visitations lately. In preparation for giving birth I found an old book plate with a drawing of a beautiful Great Grey Owl (Strix Nebulosa). He was hung in my bedroom to watch over me and officially named “Harold”.

The night I went into labor much to my amazement I heard an owl screeching at about 3 o’clock in the morning. I had never heard one before in all the years I have lived here. So my chosen animal guide helper was calling his friends I think. It must have worked because the birth went amazingly well and my little girl popped out with an explosion of water (my water broke right before she appeared).

I have been learning a lot about animal medicine from my dear friend Pixie. I would encourage you to be open to some animal magic in your own world! They bring you some really great messages if you open your ears and mind to them.

Sep 20 2011
1:04 pm
Heather Shafer writes:


Sep 20 2011
3:51 pm
Jennifer writes:

me and my friend decided one really late night that we should try to find our totem animal, after a long time with my eyes closed i finally saw the outline of a moose ~ i’m not sure how i came to a moose, but it stood for something along the lines of awkward grace, which is very much like me.

congratualtions on a successful birth. i have a similar owl picture. but instead its a tawny owl.

Sep 20 2011
4:54 pm
Summer writes:

My dad’s mother was big into owls and there were gorgeous images of them everywhere in her home. When Graham, Gus, & I were traveling in CA this summer we saw a huge white one fly across the sky in broad daylight. It was INCREDIBLE. Magical! Like nothing we’d ever seen. xo

Sep 21 2011
12:21 am
Lauren writes:

First off, CONGRATS your new addition and healthy birth! Second, thanks for sharing your story. I enjoy hearing about intuitive visuals and messages like that. I guess her lucky animal will be an owl now ;) You should make her a special owl charm or something in that manner. Best to you and your family!

Sep 21 2011
12:44 am
Helen writes:

So fortuitous, this topic. In our reading rotation lately is a book by childrens’ author Patricia Polacco called I Can Hear The Sun, which is a beautiful story of a boy and his connection to the birds around Lake Merritt in Oakland. A sad, beautiful parable on the magic of listening to animals. Perhaps T would enjoy this too sometime in the near future?

Sep 21 2011
2:32 am
Mouse writes:

red kites…

whenever I need a watchful presence a red kite appears in the sky

Sep 21 2011
3:21 am
LilaLena writes:

I like the idea very much – especially after I have spent quite some time lately with work on reconnecting with nature. How beautiful to know you found some guidance there.
And I don’t seem to be the only one here with an affinity to red kites. :) They’ve been special to me for years, and after I saw the first one out in nature about a year ago I fell completely in love with them. They make me feel so calm and comfortable whenever I see them.

Sep 21 2011
3:30 am
Candina writes:

There use to be this lovely shop on our main street. A woman worked there, who was a shaman I believe. She asked the first day I walked in if she could do a reading on me. I let her and it led to the discovery of my animal spirit, totem what have you … a large owl which she says has its wings around my shoulders. I think it makes since since my mind is , I believe, one of my strongest points.

Sep 21 2011
7:11 am
folkscallmejonny writes:

“Waiter, there’s an owl in my soup”
“That’s not an owl, that’s a limited edition, Keri Smith, site-specific artwork. Highly collectable.”
“Is there a vegetarian option?”

Sep 21 2011
9:20 am
mollie writes:

I’d never thought much about animal magic until a rather large, white barred owl appeared on my mailbox one evening. My three kids and I were in the car, turning in the driveway and stopped to stare at it. One daughter whispered, “Mommy, do you think he’s delivering our invitations to Hogwarts?”

Sep 25 2011
12:44 pm
Sarah Bamford Seidelmann writes:

Love this!! WE are marinating in the hidden universe at all times- and the messages come to us in so many magical wasy- if we are paying attention- adore Owls and jut finishinga book on totems that you might like – here is a freebie I am sharing of it:) Thanks Sarah

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