January 21st, 2012
look into my eyes

Playing with Bruno Munari’s book/game. I picked up a few things from Corraini, all Bruno Munari things that I didn’t have. The big hit with my son is the Plus and Minus game, it’s truly genius. Upon receiving the box I sat down and excitedly went through it and found myself red faced and buzzing. This is how it is with me, when I get inspired by something I get fired up, literally. Like the ideas are sending little heatwaves to my face and it radiates outward. I feel like I am vibrating. I find with particular authors who are my favorites I have to force myself to read slowly so as not to get too charged up.

Jan 22 2012
1:19 pm
maria writes:

me too. :)

Jan 24 2012
6:51 pm
liz writes:

who are some of your favorites? i’d love to know what authors have inspired you the most!

Apr 16 2012
6:53 am
Clara writes:

this is how i feel when i read your books. and when i re-read them. :) keri smith – good for your circulation! :D

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