June 11th, 2009
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little black book

I made a small change this week that has made my life a bit better. (I’m not talking about the wallet, though I should report that that is going really well also. i no longer overstuff because you can’t or you will break it.) Whenever I would go out into the world I would bring my journal with me everywhere, (which I still love to do). I have always been a big advocate of the “one book” for everything, and I still am. But while browsing in a bookstore I found these tiny little moleskins and decided to conduct an experiment. These books are so small they fit in all my pockets so I can bring them everywhere without having to lug around my heavy journal. I always have a fear of not being able to write something down. So if I get an idea while in the woods, as I often do, I just reach into my pocket to jot it down (I admit I was afraid to try this). And the best part is these little books get placed into my bigger book (into a handmade pocket), so that the ideas are not separated from the bigger picture. The one book lives! It’s ingenious. It’s light. It’s spontaneous.
I love anything that can fit in my pockets.

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