October 31st, 2008
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letter from Mr. Nesloney,

Ms. Smith-
Well, we received the books yesterday and had a “book celebration” yesterday afternoon, explaining to our students the whole story (we had kept this very secret from them). They were beyond excited. I cannot tell you how thrilled my team is to have all of our students get to experience this book.. I must tell you that I already had two of my students show up this morning to show me that they took their journals into the shower with them. I cannot wait to see how much this journal is going to “free” our kids and allow them to thnk more outside the box. Thank you again so much for all you did for us. I will be taking pictures and filming my students doing some pages of the book and I will definelty send you those. I hope one day my team can meet you to thank you in person for how much you have already changed the dynamic of our student’s thinking. Thanks again!
Todd Nesloney

to all who helped out, i hope this makes you feel as good as I do. sometimes it’s the little things in life.
a question to all who donated:
I have received a letter from another teacher who has no operating budget. She is also looking to also get the books for her class. Since there was money left over after I added the $500, I would like to get the books for them (they only need 60). I know I said I was going to donate to donorschoose.org but this came up instead so I feel it’s a good use. If you have any concerns/objections please feel free to write me.

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