December 29th, 2003
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just be

Thanks to Elaine I became completely excited about learning to love you more. It is full of wonderful “assignments” aiming to make art just for fun. As you can see I became enamoured with the story of Steve the Taxi Driver and made a fabric stuffed bust of him. This has given me the idea to do a whole series of dolls based on everyday people, random sketches from the journal. Some of my favourite assigments include,
Assignment #6 -Make a poster of shadows.
Assignment #10 -Make fliers of your day.
Assignment #12 -Have someone draw a tattoo of one of Morgan Rozacky’s neighbors onto your body.
Assignment #15 -Hang a windchime on a tree in a parking lot.
In contrast to assignments…
The guests have all gone, the house is silent. I have given myself permission to take a few days off. Time spent reading, cooking and walking. I haven’t seen or heard the news in over a week. The world could be going to hell and I wouldn’t know it. Ignorance is bliss. I ran into my friend Rhya yesterday and we talked briefly about how it can be hard to take a break from “creating”. Many of us seem caught up in ‘do’ mode. I have been thinking a lot about it ever since. Everything I attempt lately seems to have an end goal in mind, must be for a book, or to show, or to give someone. After a whirlwind of creating for X-mas I am now imposing a “no doing” rule. Sometimes I catch myself heading to the drafting table or going for the sewing basket. It’s o.k. to sit and watch the rain. Really it is. I need to recharge a bit. Just be.

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