April 19th, 2006
it does work.

I used this one this morning after sending out a manuscript. I found an acorn and put it in a small leather pouch made by my dear friend Pixie.

Apr 19 2006
1:58 pm
Isahrai writes:

Keri, I’m always heartened by the universe when I stumble across those who are thinking along the same lines as I am. I came across the proverb “Go and wake up your luck” last week and since then I’ve been thinking about, writing about, and dreaming about luck. I realized during all of this mulling over that, for a long time, I’ve only believed in bad luck and not in good. How dreadfully pessimistic is that? Now I’m teaching myself to not only believe in good luck but to shake it awake and make it happen. I found a perfectly square stone on the beach on Sunday and scooped it up. It holds my wishes just as good as any lucky penny… I wish your acorn (err, manuscript) much success! Buena suerte!

Apr 19 2006
6:51 pm
maryann writes:

wow–you come up with the BEST ideas!! i *love* this! thank you!!!!

Apr 20 2006
11:22 am
jennifer (she said) writes:

it helps us be much more intentional, to do these kinds of things. and it’s fun :-) thanks!

Apr 23 2006
4:53 pm
tongue in cheek writes:

charms always tickle me and make me smile! Little drops of happiness collected like raindrops in a jar!!

Apr 24 2006
3:55 pm
vegasandvenice writes:

What a fabulous idea to send out into the world!

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