September 21st, 2006
investigations into the senses

the braille trail, what an amazing idea.
psychogeoraphy, a form of guerilla art based on random walking tours, and using techniques to change the way we look at our space. a site that I am enjoying immensely glowlab. I’m sorry I could not attend the recent conference.
…on a related theme i simply must try experimental travel.
…I just ordered a couple of these for myself. (link via camilla.)
…a trip to the ocean via dosa, I wish this site had more pages.
…some wonderful sounds here. (thank you nina)
caroline woodward does some clever things.
david byrne discovers a hidden puppet library in brooklyn. (actually his friend kenny did.)

Sep 21 2006
2:19 pm
eliane writes:

I used a great techniques to change the way I look at my space this morning. Yesterday we got a dog, and it’s such fun walking it. All the spots he stops to smell or lick or pee or tries to eat something (I won’t let him). I saw plants and flowers I had forgotten exist.

Sep 21 2006
2:34 pm
alissa writes:

hi keri,
i think i found you through alex beauchamp’s blog, but imagine my grins when i saw that you’ve moved to troy and started at rpi. i graduated from the IT program there in ’05 and spent a lot of time around the arts department – including a couple of guest-taught classes by Pauline Oliveros – and the place is near and dear to my heart.
enjoy the ben & jerry’s.

Sep 21 2006
5:43 pm
Marieke writes:

What a lovely collage! Love it.

Sep 22 2006
2:52 am
julie writes:

God..i just want to go back and read all of your past posts. From a quick scan you blog looks so interesting!! Will be back…

Sep 22 2006
6:17 am
Boho Girl writes:

what fun links…thank you!

Sep 22 2006
12:39 pm
PJ writes:

Something for ALL our senses!!

Sep 22 2006
4:22 pm
nadine writes:

I like the new header :-)

Sep 22 2006
6:29 pm
Aaron Ximm writes:

Re: psychogeography,
From our friend Larnie we learned the amazing tactic for recovering the new, the dice walk; he takes them, leads them in small groups, and makes and gives away small kits with the minimal instructions (which in any case can be remade).
This year at Burning Man we gave out hundreds of pair of dice, and on one epic night, turned ourselves over to the dice entirely — they led us for many hours into unexpected places and to unexpected people, who we would then give the dice to — and have the recipients roll our next direction…
Re: recordings from Vietnam,
if you didn’t find them you might peek behind the flag logo on that page, and find:

Sep 29 2006
8:48 am
Earthlight Love writes:

Yes, “The Spell for the Sensuous” is an awesome book!

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