September 14th, 2010
introduction to drawing by Enzo Mari

‘introduction to drawing’ /
‘premessa al disegnare’, 2008
(translation of illustration)

if you want to become an architect, you have to learn
how to draw freehand…
the computer is a useful tool …
you can use it when you finally understood what you
want to do… (this is when the project in itself is concluded).

perhaps something needs to be said regarding the
myths sourrounding the computer you just bought.
as you know, it’s made of two parts -
1° the powerful and misterious ‘HARD’ and
2° the ‘SOFT’ … instructions sold to the oblivious
who think they are able to create form by ignoring the
concrete reasons behind it.

HOWEVER, there is another type of computer
which is a thousands time more efficient…
at no cost, you already have one and it’s still new
as you don’t imagine to own it.

1° the infinitely powerful ‘HARD’.
in fact it’s so powerful that a newborn baby (who still
hasn’t worked out space, sound, it’s own limbs…
in just 1 year will have understood it, and on its own).
HARD turns it into a concious beeing through acts of
interpreting each random movement or sensation.

2° there is no ‘SOFT’. you’ve lost it at age of 6.
at school…… but you can rediscover it …
it’s knowledge that comes from personal practise,
the only possibility of real comprehension.

(this is for my students. I was explaining that technology is just a tool and should not be a substitute for the senses and an ability to generate ideas. without the idea, there is nothing.)

source: design boom

Sep 15 2010
3:13 am
Richard writes:

I am such an intermittent visitor, but just the same, the time spent here is always refreshing, invigorating and inspiring. Enjoy your new home. I lived in CA for a time, lost weight, stopped smoking, broke. It is a beautiful state.
All good things your way …

Sep 15 2010
6:09 am
Chiara Chinellato writes:

thank’s for posting this! being italian, it’s comforting to see we’re not only knew for our’s prime minister dreadful jokes…

Sep 15 2010
7:04 am
Katie writes:

Original and fascinating perspectives and snippets from you as always.

Sep 15 2010
10:32 am
Dawn writes:

I would love to be taught by you.

Sep 21 2010
1:49 pm
sue writes:


Sep 21 2010
10:12 pm
maya writes:

I love your how to be an explorer of the world.

Jan 3 2012
12:06 am
Noni writes:

Funny, i’m an architecture student, and a few months, during a project, i was drawing some sketches to show to my teacher, and one of my classmates asked me: “why is it handmade?”….. I think i was more surprised by what se had asked me, than what she was seeing. So, i just, politely, answered her… Why not?. Hopefully, you don’t have this kind of students in your classes.
First time on your blog, love it, so far.

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