March 31st, 2005
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image quilt

“the creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” -carl jung
working in a grid format i began collecting images and textures that i was responding to. i enjoy seeing how different colors and textures play off of each other. sometimes these kinds of collages start to take on their own meaning. a quick biography of sorts.
1. a weathered piece of wood i found in the basement of my first apartment on Bathurst Street.
2. a flannel square from the a quilt made by my nana, Hannah Irene Legrow.
3. an excerpt from a 1950′s book on how to speak spanish, i love the font.
4. one of my favourite shirts.
5. red circles drawn by me.
6. photo of a woman cut out of Chatelaine Magazine circa 1952.
7. cursive writing paper from a newsprint notebook.
8. a page from another notebook teaching the alphabet.
9. a flash card from a set I picked up at a flea market.

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