August 19th, 2009
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I’m in love with this blue string (aka. what i’m doing currently)

I potentially have mere minutes to write until mr. T wakes up from his nap. I am solo parenting for the whole week, yikes!
how about a list?
what i am doing these days
…preparing for going back to Troy in two weeks.
…just finished a visual essay for the Penguin blog. I’ll let you know when it’s posted. It’s something I’ve not done too much of before, a personal piece. I’d like to do more like it. To be frank, I’m very proud to share it with you.
really excited about/interested in…
…david foster wallace, reading a great excerpt, and this video from the penguin blog. I am very excited about his new novel which was found just after he passed away.
cy twombly. not new to me but i’m re-investigating with new eyes.
…(related to above) thinking about time, movement, accidents, absence, happenstance.
…for all my readers in the Netherlands (you are the greatest, thank you for all the wonderful letters which I don’t have the time to respond to right now sadly), the American Book Center in Amsterdam just reported that they have received a large shipment of “This is NOT a book”! There is a rumor that they might be doing another window display. that would be really really great. I love them right back.
…working on a interview for ink on my fingers. very very flattered. susannah is really amazing!
…nick drake. in particular the song black eyed dog.
…I felt a bit teary when I learned that I have been added to wikipedia. I giggled when I saw it is filed under “American writer”. *cough* Canadian.
what else…
…I have a lovely new penpal, her name is Rubi and she is 10.
…I am taking a minivacation to Burlington VT for my 5th wedding anniversary. If we like it too much we may just stay forever.
…did I tell you how much I love my new book yet? yes? I forgot. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. it almost feels like someone else did it since I finished writing it almost a year ago now. I just get excited about people seeing it.
…oh, i almost forgot, I am also proud to announce that the iphone development team has an adfree blog! The wrote to offer their personal support (and to see if my server could handle the extra traffic). That is some great stuff.

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