December 5th, 2009
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I’m giving away free money this year

As many of you already know every year I give away a free printable gift for my readers. I used to print them myself and send them out to a mailing list but regrettably it got too big and I found myself spending a small fortune on it, so I discontinued the snail mail format. But luckily you can print it yourself here.
As I thought about what I wanted to do this year I found that I was drawn to doing something that relates to the current state we find ourselves in. And so since everyone’s mind’s seem to be taken up by the fiscal world these days what better gift could I give then that of “Free Money”. Yes, you read that right.
And so, dear readers, I give to you (the print out for this holiday season)..

Please print and pass it along to others. Happy Holidays!
for past years printable treats (including Print your own tree), go here.
for more info on creating your own local currency visit: Berkshares
*this pdf was excerpted in part from This is not a Book

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